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    The illustrated papers include:

    In the North:

    • Frank Leslie weekly
    • Demorest’s Illustrated News
    • Frank Leslie, bi-weekly
    • Harper’s weekly
    • New York Illustrated News
    • Rural New Yorker

    In the South:

    • Southern Illustrated News

    In England:

    • Illustrated London News
    • Illustrated Times

    In France:

    • Le Monde Illustre
    • L’illustration
    Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper was a news magazine founded in 1852 with continued publication well into the 20th century. Born in England, Frank Leslie was at age twenty-two head engraver for the English Illustrated London News. He came to New York in 1848. Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper (1855-1922) was the first successful American venture to bring pictures and news together in a weekly. The magazine illustrations were done by hand. Leslie’s breakthrough was in dividing the engraving into many sections for individual engravers and then fitting the woodblocks together. He could therefore accomplish in a day what a single engraver had taken weeks to produce and publish pictures of events only a week or two old, a speed new to popular journalism. At the start of the Civil War, its circulation had reached 164,000. It was also published in German. During the Civil War, an oversized bi-monthly paper (23 inches by 16 inches) was published which was devoted entirely to the conflict.
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