Antique Bible Repair

Example of Work

This late 1800s Bible was delivered in a carton as shown (left). The two covers were detached, as well as several individual pages and entire sections. Once the text bloc was restored, I reattached the covers. To do this, I raised the existing leather along the covers about one inch near the spine. I inserted a piece of leather to reset the two covers in place. The existing spine was glued on the new strip of leather. The original leather was so dry it was powdered in spots and stained the fingers. I treated it, dyed it, and finally waxed it. The original golden accents on the existing embossed covers were once again vivid and rich against the dark brown of the revived leather.

Bible shown arrived in a bag, falling apart. Bible repaired and looking lustrous.
The pages needed a lot of fresh air and sunshine to remove the mildew.
Bible pages fanned out in the sun to remove the mildew.

Bible with illustrations by Gustave Doré (circa 1870)

Bible cover repair: before and after.

The cover of the Bible above was entirely detached and very dried out. It was scuffed in some areas and the top of the spine was coming apart. I reattached the cover, dyed the leather where required and treated it. After a coat of natural wax, this Bible was ready for another century.

The beautiful engravings by Gustave Doré are among the most popular Bible illustrations.
The Resurrection
Matthew 28:5-6, Gustave Doré
The Resurrection Matthew 28:5-6, Gustave Doré (Source:

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