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    Physiology de la Boxe, (Physiology of Boxing), by E. de Courieres, with lithographs by Luc-Albert Moreau. 1929. Full leather Art Deco binding by Pierre Legrain. One of 242 copies. P. Legrain (1889-1929) was the leading and most influential of the Art Deco binders from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. While Legrain represented the early phase of Art Deco bindings, Rose Adler (1890-1959) embodied the later phase, incorporating snake skins, beads, metal, gems in her bindings. Art Deco binders include Marot-Rodde, Paul Bonet, Madeleine Gras, De Leotard to name but a few. The bookbindings of P. Legrain and R. Adler were shown in 2004 at the NY Public Library.

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