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    Le Livre des Rois (The book of Kings), translated by J. C. Mardrus, with wood cuts by F.-L. Schmied. 1930. Bound by Grégoire Levitzky. François-Louis Schmied is the renaissance man of the art nouveau/deco period. He is an editor, a painter, a printer, an engraver, a bookbinder. During WW I, he enlisted in the French Foreign Legion and lost an eye. His books are works of art and in many museums and libraries (the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, in UCLA, has almost a complete collection of his books). The illustrations are obtained by engraved woodblocks. Several are needed to produce an engraving. This book includes the decomposition of some plates. One of them needed no less than 17 successive printings to achieve the final effect. This book also contains a signed letter from Schmied. One of his masterpieces.

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