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    L’Evangile, (The Gospel), translated to French by Catulle Mendes, illustrated by Carlos Schwabe. 1894. This book retraces the young years of Jesus Christ. The beautiful binding is by Charles Meunier who, on his best days, could almost match Marius Michel. As mentioned earlier, Carlos Schwabe (1877-1926) was a Swiss-German Symbolist painter and printmaker. Among the other books he illustrated are Le Rêve (1892) by Emile Zola, Hesperus (1894) by Catulle Mendes, Les Fleurs du Mal (1900) by Charles Baudelaire. From 1890, Schwabe lived in France. Devoted to Symbolist ideals, he explored in his work concepts of spiritual enlightenment. This often found expression in perceptions of virginal purity, as depicted in the magnificent original watercolor included in this book. Another picture shows Mary and Joseph guided by the angel. The picture of the woman standing up on a pink cloud and surrounded by flowers is from Hesperus.

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