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    Kelliegram bindings were an innovation of the English firm of Kelly & Sons. Often, one of the engravings inside the books was reproduced on the cover with leather onlays (a thin piece of leather glued on top of another piece of leather) or inlays (a thicker piece of leather glued next to another). Here are four examples of Kelliegram bindings, from left to right, top to bottom:

    • Peg Woffington, by Charles Reade. 1899. Bound by Kelliegram for Brentano’s, NY.
    • Coaching Days & Coaching Ways, by W. O. Tristram. 1893.
    • Cranford, by Mrs. Gaskell. 1895. Bound by Kelliegram for Brentano’s, NY.
    • Sir Roger de Coverley, by The Spectator. 1863. Bound by Kelliegram for Brentano’s, NY.

    This technique was used by other famous English binders, such as Riviere & Son (see the two next bindings), Bayntun, Root and others.

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